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You've found the Internet Radio Station thats bright and fun to have on, both at work and at home.

Super Star Oldies.Net was conceived and designed to provide you with what previously had been lacking in free internet music radio. Our playlist provides you with some of the most comprehensive music content online and is continuously reviewed and modified to conform to an overall uptempo beat of the best, high charting Oldies, peppered just right with your favorite songs from the 60's 70's and 80's. You will also hear tracks which truly represent a powerful music image to compliment the underlying Super Star Oldies.Net theme. Just listen and your gonna hear the difference!

We also value your input as we evolve our playlist for you. Please take every opportunity to submit you requests so that those songs can become part of the best oldies music mix. Your suggestions are valuable to us.

Additionally, we are always anxious to see your comments about what we are doing for you. Please visit our Forum or Guestbook sections to post those comments and make new friends with other listeners who also enjoy the music you love.

Take a look around and browse our site. Tell your friends about the internet radio station with the hottest oldies music mix!

Always the best music variety of 60's 70's and 80's online for you SuperStarOldies.Net.

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